About us

All the lawyers in our firm are united in their commitment to serve the rule of law.

Our core principles are Knowledge, Integrity and Experience.

Our specialities are real estate and contract law, law of public administrative, representation before courts and authorities, and authentication of contracts in Hungarian, German and English.

We believe that

1. for lawyers, knowledge is security.
2. lawyers’ knowledge is power they may not abuse.
3. lawyers do not serve, they provide.
4. lawyers operate on the market as entrepreneurs, but are not merchants.
5. lawyers sell intellectual products but do not trade them.
6. lawyers work for money but are nonetheless scrupulous.
7. lawyers represent the interests of others while upholding their own.
8. clients, and not lawyers, retain control of cases.
9. lawyers undertake cases and not common causes.
10. lawyers know clients’ secrets but clients never know theirs.
11. for lawyers, renown is not reputation.
12. lawyers are honourable if they attain results without causing unreasonable or disproportionate harm