Hungary is a member of the European Union since 2004. The nearly 12,500 attoneys of the country with 9.8 million inhabitants are an integral part of the market economy. Dr. Hidasi and Partners Law Firm together with all attorneys and law firms is striving to ensure that the rule of law is not undermined.

On each area of Hungarian law, far-reaching legal regulations prevail.
In the increasingly complex matters, special expertise is required, something our office has in abundance.

We inspect matters entrusted to us in contexts far beyond the standards set forth by law. We find solutions for the problems legal, economic, and ethical consideration.
We are especially skilled in judicial and administrative proceedings. We are engaged in creating commercial and real estate law contracts in both German and English. We carry out representation and consulting activities for both state and local government agencies, as well as on behalf of domestic and foreign companies and individuals.

Our practice areas are civil law, including most traditional contract law, real estate, condominium law, family law, business and corporate law, financial law, securities law, administrative law and procedural law.

Our principles Knowledge, Integrity, Experience.